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Redfish Fishing Calaveras Lake San Antonio

Bones Fishing

Calaveras Lake

Calaveras Lake Redfish

Bones Fishing Guide Service Offers

Family, Company and Group Trips

San Antonio, Calaveras Lake, Fishing, Redfish, Catfish

Bones Fishing Guide Service

Professionally Guiding for 12 yrs. at

Calaveras Lake, Braunig Lake, Canyon Lake, Guadalupe River, Nueces River and Choke Canyon Reservoir.

Raymond G. Esckilsen

Calaveras Lake Redfish Videos 03/31/2022

Calaveras Lake Redfish

Schooling up Redfish at Calaveras Lake

Calaveras Lake Redfish

First 5 minutes of trip, we landed this MONSTER

Calaveras Lake Redfish Videos 2/20/22

Calaveras Lake Redfish

Morning fishing, it was tough, we had to try three different ways to find the bite.

Redfish and Blue Catfish

What an awesome trip. We saw a variety of fish caught,

Redfish and Channel Catfish.